16A fan controller

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Amperage: 16A

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Product details
Humidity and temperature controller for intake and exhaust air fan with additional 2 programmable outputs and LCD display

2pcs. Variable outputs for fans
2pcs. Programmable outputs for appliances
1pcs. Temperature and humidity sensors with light detector (air)
1pcs. Temperature Sensor (Waterproof)

The 16A ventilation controller is built from a solid very robust aluminium housing. It can control up to 2200W power per outlet. In addition to a conventional temperature and humidity variable control the 16A controller carries 2pcs individual programmable outlet sockets. These can be assigned to one of the two sensors or be controlled by a timer function. Particularly attractive is the huge number of parameters that can be set for day/night individually to fulfill all desired requirements. The controller carries two transistor outputs for fans (phase control) and parallel working internally two 0-10V outputs. Depending on the version, the controller is equipped with a USB port for data logging. All relevant measurement data and control signals get written on a CSV file to the USB stick, later they can get evaluated in an Excel application. The 16A controller has a free slot for a pressure sensor to control the intake air fan depending on the pressure difference. The device has a protection fuse of 16A, which is considered as maximum allowable load for the entire controller. Each single output can carry max. 2200W per socket and all outputs together have a max. load of 3600W/16A. The device comes with a 2m connection cable to connect to a conventional household outlet of 230V/16A. The sensors are supplied with a 4m long cable which can be expanded up to 10m. A digital display and four navigation keys provide easy navigation in the Menuand 6LED lights are indicating the current switching status. Among other things, settings such as display functions, memory frequency and languages, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, can be selected.

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